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One of the most frequently asked questions is how best to train. Well, in Shinzui, there isn't really an answer for that.


No pbags or treadmills??

No mindless grinding here. Just mindless slaughter. ^_^
Honestly, the original version of the game did have the mindless "hit the train button over and over again" to get stronger. Then the owner realized he was being retarded, pushed himself to create something better, and the first dynamic stat exp method was created.
The current system is perhaps the 3rd incarnation of the first method. In the odd chance this information interests you, it has been redone several times trying to be more efficient and lag free! The required experience formula has been redone several times in attempts to balance high and low levels.
But enough of this boring technical stuff!

Gaining Experience

Super special awesome dynamic training methods give stat based experience as the character is played. Simply put, use it to make it better.
Below are some methods to gain stat exp. There might be others, so you are encouraged to experiment!
Health: Get hurt and/or die. Walk under a waterfall.
Stamina: Walk, Or Flash Step.
Reiatsu: Use Focus-Reiatsu verb. Be attacked.
Hakuda: Melee attack using fists, Defend with Fists.
Zanjutsu: Melee attack using a blade, Defend with Blade.
Accuracy: Miss (more) or hit (less) with a melee attack. Hit with a projectile attack.
Agility: Dodge (more) or be hit by (less) a melee attack. Use a flash step skill. Walk (rarer).

Leveling Up

Each stat has it's own level, and the player level is an average of these stat levels.
When a character's stat goes up a level they gain +1 in that stat. (+20 for Health and +25 for Stamina)
When a character gains a level they gain +0.1 in all stats. (+10 for Health and +15 for Stamina)
As an added bonus to the stat that caused the Level UP, the stat gets +0.5 more! (+10 for Health and +20 for Stamina)
There is also a hidden statistic called Specialization (spec). Chosen at random upon birth, a specific stat will gain 50% more than the above benefits. So a +1 becomes +1.5; a +5 to a +7.5!
There Is now a "Level Cap", This Cap is set to level 5000 for base level.
This affects your stats aswell.
Normal Stat Caps are Around lvl 5600. (Ruffly.)
Spec Stat Cap Is set to 8900. (This Stat Is Randomly Chosen at Character Creation.)
Hp and Stamina Caps are the same. However, They Are multiplied by 20 and 25 Respectively.**

To give a few examples:

  • A player's Health goes up a level, player level unchanged: +3 max HP
  • A player's Stamina, their spec, goes up a level: +25 * 1.5 (spec) = +37.5 max Stamina
  • A player's Agility level and player level each go up: +1 (stat level) +0.1 (player level) +0.5 (level up bonus) = +1.6 Agility! Also +10 max Health, +15 max Stamina, and +0.1 in all other stats.

Level and Rank

Sometimes when a player goes up a level, they'll pass another player in the standings.
This is purely for a sense of where you are in terms of all players in the game, and does not impact gameplay.
Rank can be viewed in the Info tab. See the top ranked players with Options > View > Top Players

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