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As with all skills, Shikai and Bankai are mastered by using the many times. There will be a message notifying you that you have mastered it.


The first release, Shikai, is often an "Attack" modifier. Once activated, just attack like normal.

To obtain Shikai equip your sword and attack enemies. Slash 1,000 times to obtain Shikai. With enough slashes you form a 'bond' with your sword, can name it and decide a call, then learn it's ability!

- GravityInspired by Izuru Kira
    -Unmastered: strikes slow the victim to half normal speed. Does not stack
    -Mastered: Each strike slows the victim by half; stacks to roughly 30x slower.
    -General Description: Slows down enemies each time you hit them.

    -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- Ignorance
    -Unmastered: The evasion of the victim is ignored; sword strikes will always hit.
    -Mastered: In addition to evasion, defence is Now Ignorable.
At this point you can now utilize the Ignorance Hud and choose Either Defense or Evasion
    -General Description: Ignorance is strength.

    -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- Area Inspired by Kuchiki Byakuya
    -Unmastered: You will hit 1 enemy that is at a specific range from you when you attack.
    -Mastered: You will hit any enemies are within an increased range.
    -General Description: Long range shikai. It hits the enemy from a distance.

     -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- Illusion Inspired by Aizen Sousuke
    -Unmastered: Fake a suicide to those around you; turn invisible. Eventually can simply go invisible for a about 5-10 seconds.
    -Mastered: Includes above. Make people think they died (Gives a fake Respawn screen, but they're still at the same place and can move). Eventually can create a doppleganger.
    -General Description: Used to Manipulate others sense. Making sneak attacks even more sneaky.

    -Master it by using "Fake Death"

- Deathtouch Inspired by Soi Fong
    -Unmastered: Attacks one of 21 different body parts. A second attack on that body part kills the target. Attacking another target resets the effect.
    -Mastered: Attacks one of 12 different body parts, increasing the odds of a second hit.
    -General Description: Rendering offense and defense useless, only a player's evasion and luck can save them!

   -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- Blood Inspired by Urahara Kisuke
    -Unmastered: First command- Nake (sting) fires a bloody wave of reiatsu, costing 1/12th of the user's max health!
    -Mastered: Second command- Chigasumi no Tate (Bloodmist Shield) eats 1/10th of the user's max health to create a bloody shield of reiatsu, lasting 1 min (or until broken). Nake cost reduced to 1/20th.
    -General Description: The gambler's skill that can kill the user; not for the faint of heart! One of the few Shikai that gives new skills instead of an Attack modifier.

   -Master it by using Nake alot.

- Drain Inspired by Ayasegawa Yumichika
    -Unmastered: Drain some of the damage dealt to heal yourself.
    -Mastered: Drain all of damage dealt to heal yourself.
    -General Description: Very useful, as the target may not notice that you're draining their health. Makes it far harder for them to kill you! :D

    -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- QuickSword Inspired by manga Claymore
    -Unmastered: Attacks 6x faster than normal attack; temporarily doubles your accuracy for the moment of attack.
    -Mastered: Three short-range windcutter blades are fired in quick succession with each attack. Damage is zanjutsu based.
    -General Description: Known as a stamina-drainer, this is wicked fast. If you're not careful about your stamina you'll be vulnerable to attack! :o

    -Master it by slashing people or NPCs with Shikai on.

- DemonFocus Inspired by Momo Hinamori
    -Unmastered: Melee gains 1/5th Reiatsu (added to standard Zanjutsu) for damage calculation. Gives +25% boost to Kidou effects. (This stacks with mastery and chanting bonuses.) 'Hajike' projectile attack deals half melee damage with 20 sec cooldown.
    -Mastered: Kidou boost up to +50%, Hajike does full melee damage.
    -General Description: Kidou POWAH!

    -Master it by using Hijike

 - Frost Inspired by Kuchiki Rukia
    -Unmastered: Gives First Dance (Some no Mai): Tsukishiro. Freezes a target in ice that melts piece by piece. At most 6 sec each piece, at least 1/2 sec each. (Total time: 24 / 2) Melt rate based on same principles as bindings; user's reiatsu against the victim's reiatsu and hakuda. Also gives Second Dance (Tsugi no Mai): Hakuren. Creates an ice trail in front of the user that does damage and freezes people in the same manner as Tsukishiro. High accuracy.
    -Mastered: Tsukishiro has double the target distance and half the cost. Hakuren has half the cost. Gives Third Dance (San no Mai): Shirafune. Creates a frosty layer of ice on the blade that can cause a freeze effect upon each slash. (Random chance.)
    -General Description: Yay Rukia!

    -Master it by using the "Dances"

 - Cricket Inspired by Kaname Tousen
    -Unmastered: Gives Issei and Benihiko commands. Issei is short-range area freeze with a short duration. Benihiko creates a red ring that shoots out a small random number of sword barrages before vanishing.
    -Mastered: Issei has half the cost and cooldown. Benihiko has double the possible barrages, higher cooldown, and spawns 2-3 red rings instead.
    -General Description: Issei also activates automatically upon release of the Shikai.

   -Master it by using Issei and Benihiko commands.

- Getsuga (perm type) Inspired by Kurosaki Ichigo
    -Unmastered: Fires a wave of reiatsu dealing damage based on zanjutsu.
    -Mastered: Fires a wider blast of reiatsu.
    -General Description: A very unique skill that is affected by Bankai and Vizard mask. Bankai changes it to the stronger Kuroi, mask removes the delay when firing it.

   -Master it by using Getsuga Tenshou.

- Heal (perm type) Inspired by Yamada Hanataro
    -Unmastered: Cuts to heal. Charge up healed damage to unleash a brutal strike. Cuts to damage after unleashed.
    -Mastered: Half as much damage required for unleashing damage, damage x5.
    -General Description: Once one of the most hated Shikai, some changes made it much more versetile. A HUD gauge shows how much "healed" damage has been absorbed, and can be clicked to switch between healing and cutting damage. However, this empties and wastes the heal gauge. Once this healing gauge is filled, a massive strike is unleashed and slashes do damage again! Very high damage potential when released.

   -Master it by slashing and healing or doing damage.

(Edited by Thor)(added how to master)


The full release, Bankai, is generally a player-augmentation passive ability. That means once you activate it the powers take effect on their own. No, not all of them have icons.

To obtain Bankai, first train the bond with your sword to be stronger by using it a lot (yay more slashy). Eventually you will learn how to call out the spirit of your sword to fight it. Fight it to train the bond with your sword very well. If your bond is strong enough, defeating it can result in learning Bankai!
It is not a sure thing. You will likely need to defeat it more than once.

- Speed Based on Kurosaki Ichigo
    -Unmastered: +20% Accuracy and Agility. Can teleport around by clicking on the ground. However, it decreases health and can kill you. Teleport causes anyone that targetted you to lose you as a target. (35% chance)
    -Mastered: +40% Accuracy and Agility. Teleport takes stamina instead of health.
    -To Master: Click to teleport around a lot. Be careful of HP cost. Each teleport gives +1 to usage.

- PowerBased on Madarame Ikkaku
    -Unmastered: +75% Hakuda and Zanjutsu; -60% Reiatsu
    -Mastered: +150% Hakuda and Zanjutsu; -30% Reiatsu
    -To Master: Sorry, but use it a lot. Each activation gives +2 to usage.

- Ice Based on Hitsugaya Toushirou
    -Unmastered: +20% Reiatsu and Agility; Double movement speed; 'Float' effect; Ryu-Aisu (Ice Dragon) projectile attack doing 150% rei as damage with 12 sec cooldown.
    -Mastered: +40% Reiatsu and Agility; Ryu-Aisu deals 200% rei as damage with 6 sec cooldown.
    -To Master: Use Ryu-Aisu a lot. Each shot gives +1 to usage.

- Blind Based on Kaname Tousen
Creates a circle of effect around the location it was activated. If the player leaves this area the Bankai fades. Gate/Garganta/Suicide/FlashSteps are un-usable within the effect.
    -Unmastered: +30% Accuracy. Those in the AoE are reduced to a 1x1 map view, or 2x2 if adjacent to the user. Those inside cannot target anything farther than 1 tile away from themselves.
    -Mastered: +60% Accuracy. Those inside the AoE can not exit it, except for the user.
    -To Master: Affect many people with Blind. For each single person affecter per time they are inside it, +1 to usage.

- Poison Based on Kurotsuchi Mayuri
    -Unmastered: Spreads an invisible (sorry no icon yet) cloud of poison at a range of 6 tiles away from the user. Causes 1/12th max HP damage every 6 seconds for a period of 1 minute.
    -Mastered: The poison is twice as potent, and deals 1/6th max HP damage over the same time period. Very lethal!!
    -To Master: Like Blind, affect many people with Poison. Works the same way, each infection is +1 usage for that activation.



Also called 'Lanzamieto' or 'Lanza' in Shinzui.

- Panther
    -Unmastered: Compares to Speed Bankai. Movement speed drastically increased, clicking on the map teleports the user, can shoot elbow darts. Agility and Accuracy boosted by 60%
    -Mastered: Teleportation cost reduced from 1/80th of max stamina to 1/160th. Agility and Accuracy boosted by 120%, Movement rate 10x faster.

   -Master it by using Resurrección and clicking around the screen.
- Bull
    -Unmastered: Movement speed mildly slowed, Zanjutsu and Hakuda buffed by 60%, bumping into a player does damage based on Reiatsu and Hakuda. Can also charge through SS Maze walls.
    -Mastered: Movement speed is normal. Reiatsu buff of 50%, Hakuda and Zanjutsu buffs upped to 150%

    -Master it by running into people, objects, or npc's.
- Eater
    -Unmastered: Reiatsu, Hakuda, and Zanjutsu get a multiplier boost equal to 1/1000th of the player's hollow kills. Is restricted to be at least +20%, at most 100%. All three buffs are combined into "Eater Power" that drains by 1/10th every 30 seconds. It can also be fired as a blast reducing it by 1/5th.
    -Mastered: Limits on Eater Power changed to from +50% to +200%. Blast consumes 1/10th of EP, but does 3x that in damage.

     -Master it by using "Hollow Blast"

- Despair
    -Unmastered: Hakuda and Agility buffs of +60%. User floats off the ground with their wings. Cannot use normal sword. Can form "Relampago" spear that does Hakuda and Zanjutsu based damage. Can be thrown at fast speed as a projectile.
    -Mastered: Hakuda and Agility buffs increased to +150%

    -Master it by using Resurrección or Relampago.

- Shark
    -Unmastered: Zanjutsu buffed +50% and Agility buffed +100% Cannot use normal sword. Attacks are considered 'slash attacks' by default. Gains ability Lagota; Zanjutsu based projectile attack.
    -Mastered: Zanjutsu buffed +100% and Agility buffed +200% Also gains Cascada; wide (3 tile) Zanjutsu based projectile attack.

    -Master it by using La Gota.

(Edited by Thor) (added how to master)



Also known as the special bows, they compare to Bankai, normally. They have no mastery form as of yet.

- Covert "Renamed to Katydid"   (edit by Thor)
  -Perhaps the most annoying Kraft, this gives you a Conceal ability which turns you invisible until you attack with something. It is a permanent craft, it is not activatable. Also, it gives a passive 400% chance to hit.**
- Sniper "Renamed to Viper" "Rerenamed to LaceWing"     (edit by Thor) (re edited by Kyle)
  -Often underestimated, this is a lot like the Poison Shikai. You hit specific body parts each time you actually hit a target. Arm shots slow attack speed, leg shots slow movement speed, shoulder shots do less damage, heart shots instant kill. Not sure what head shots do, possibly double damage. Also gives a 300% boost to accuracy.

- Cimicid A newer Kraft that is like the Drain Shikai it also boosts accuracy and damage (edit by Kyle)

- Spider  -A Kraft that can hold people that it get's stuck in the middle of the shot. When captured they can't attack back. (Edit by Thor) (put it in)

Fireant a newer Kraft that when shooting an arrow the arrow has a trail of fire behing it (edit by Kyle)

For the people who aren't good with percentages, 100% is 1x. So if I had 500 agility and used something that upped it by 300%, I'd gain 3x my base agility, which would be 1500.

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