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Guide - Short Version


Step 1: Human/Soul - Hollow Gene (or in short HGene)

When you are low level you die faster thats why now its the right time to get hgene -  HGene

basicly you have to die to hollow alot as human or soul thats the most fast way to gain it

you will know when you have it ... =P trust me you will know

HGene doesn't need any stats req it might take time since its only 3% to get it each time you die to hollow as human/soul

Step 2: Choose Race

Human/Souls are pretty useless thats why you will want to go quncy or shini (hollows are also useless they are used later to go arrancar)



Step 3:  The Path


Quincy reiatsu goes by leech. leech is how much % reiatsu you have.

shoot alot of arrows until you have 100%

after that go to hosptail shop and buy sanri glove master and shoot to 100% again (it will go down to 50%)

however your power will be doubled

you will gain some new Skills by shooting


At this point you will want to get shikai so just go and cut/swing/attack things with your zan 1000 swings and you have shikai

to master most shikai you just need to use thier abilty or to attack while its active

after you reach shikai you should cut some more to gain materializition

materializtion will make you zan apear and you will have to defeat it in order to get bankai (Note: you might have to defeat it more than once)

Sword Releases

as shinigami you might want to learn kidous at the acadmy each time there is tutor event

kidous can be mastered by using them alot

each kidou have req of reiatsu hollow kills and level


Step 4: Training

now all you have to do is to just train either for raincyr vaizard or arrancar.

Vaizard you have to pass vaizard test (Note: if you have the req you will just turn vai when you talk to shinji the test is just having the req)

Arrancar talk to aizen at las noches on HM (3x3 small maps creating 1 big map LN is in the middle)

Raincyr die to hollow ... you might have to do it more than once until a pop up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: vaizard arrancar and raincyr req arent allowed to be told, do not ask for it. shiniji location is also not allowed to be told so again.. DO NOT ASK.

(shinji location is funny if you have the hgene you will know where he is =P )


VFAQ - Very Frequently asked questions

1.  Can I change my race ?

Yes, every race is changeable, however there are reqs for each race.

2.  Can I get new shikai/bankai/lanza ?

Yes, for lanza (arrancars only) go to azien shop tab will apper buy new zan cost 20,000

        for shikai/bankai (shinigami only) go to urhara shop or Hitsugaya Toushiro and buy new zan cost 10,000 and YES YOU DO have to remaster shikai and bankai

3.  If I fail the vaizard/raincyr/arrancar test can I try again?

Yes, there is no real test all you have to do is to talk to azien/shinji/die to hollow but you can keep trying and pass the "test" in the end.


Here are current events in the game so far:

Triple Experience: Basically it allows you to train faster then usual. It has a 40% chance of happening.

No cooldown: This skill reduces cooldowns for abilite's by ALOT. Allowing for mastering of certain kidou and etc to be mastered Much faster. (Not all skills or abilities are affected by this.)  This event has a 10% chance of happening.

Triple Yen Gain: This event allows you to gain more money after you kill someone or something. This event is useful if you want to gain more money to buy things or save it up for later. The most money you can hold in your pockets is a million dollar and 1billion in the bank. This event also has a 10% of happening.

Kidou Tutors: On shinzui there are 18 different kidous. To learn kidous you need the required level and amount of hollow kills. The tutors are at the Soul Society Academy located a couple steps to the right. Depending on the tutor, kidous vary. For example Toshiro Hitsuguya teaches soren sokatsui and Yoruichi teaches Gochutekkan but all tutors teache shyunpo. This event has 30% of happening.

PVP Party: On shinzui people can choose to put PVP on or off. PVP means Players vs Players. If you put on PVP and you see someone else have PVP on then either of you can hit or kill each other. If you have PVP on and someone doesn't then you can't hurt them and they can't hurt you. This event turns everybodies PVP on and you cannot turn it off no matter what until the event is over. So don't be surprised if someone kills you. That is why there is a safe zone so you cannot get hurt. This event has a 5% chance of happening so don't worry.

Ranks Cleared: This just basically refreshes everybodies rank to replace online players on the top player list. This event has a 3% chance of happening.

Captain and Lieutenant Demotion:This just demotes all captains (Taichou) and lieutenant (Fukutaichou) so that other people can have the chance to be one (only if they are a shinigami). Nothing gets boosted from being a captain or lieutenant its just for fun. This event has only 1% chance of happening.

Espada Cleared: This event disbands all current espadas so other people can join if they are an arrancar. Espadas dont get a boost but they get a move called Gran Rey Cero which only Espadas can use. This event also has a 1% chance of happening.

All Events add up to 95%.

Here are some old events that you may see if a gm uses it:

Shikai/Bankai Randomizer: This event allows everyone to randomize and change their shikai, bankai, kraft, and lanza.

Class Randomizer: This allows someone to randomly change their current class. Your class can only be changed to shinigami, quincy, human, soul, or hollow. Top tier classes are not included in this event.

Random Death: This event randomly chooses someone online and forces them to die. So don't be shocked if you die out of no where.

None: This just means no events are currently happening at the moment.

All Kidou Tutors: This event summons all kidou tutors in the academy so you have a chance to learn all the kidous at once.

1337: This is an event that forces everyone in a chatroom to talk with wacky numbers and letters that somehow spell out a word/letter.
-Also known as "leet" speak.-

These events are rare and only activated by Gms. All events are located on the Server Messages.


For more detailed info (with better grammer and spelling or in short... better english - long version)

Sword Releases
Hollow Gene 

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