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[edit] How do I get Pts? What are they?

[edit] What is my defense?

Defense is based on two stats. Half of it is always your Reiatsu.<br>The other half is either Hakuda or Zanjutsu, depending if you're wielding a blade or not.
Blades include Shinigami/Vizard/Arrancar zanpakutou and Quincy/Raincyr Seele Schneider.

[edit] How do I gain more / faster Reiatsu?

Focus Reiatsu Palms is actually a pretty lame way to train reiatsu. It's basically left to honor the fact something like that was in the show, and be a way to add a few other skills (like the Feet version).
If you want fast rei, Level Up till you can Become Raincyr and spam arrows. Slightly slower rei is to use higher level projectile Kidou non-chant, perhaps like Raikoho. Check yourself how the methods compare as things can vary from build to build. 

Only Raincyrs can gain reiatsu from firing arrows. Quincies might be bugged and nobody knew to report it, though. - Malum

Quincy shouldn't be bugged, but just don't get the Your Reiatsu improved! message when they get more. As Quincy rei is purely leech only, this would be misleading. -Zhug

[edit] How do I become a soul while a human?

Go into options and hit "suicide" at the bottom.

[edit] How do I earn yen?

The easiest way is to kill NPCs, such as weak hollows and rogue Quincies. Another way is to kill players, but that's not a sure fire way to earn money, yet it CAN earn you over 10,000 easily if the player has been player killing as well or hunting hollows. To get money from a player, they have to be carrying yen.

[edit] How do I get out of Hueco Mundo?

Anyone with Gate or Garganta can simply use that skill to exit. If you do not have either, or do not have a Hellbutterfly required for Gate, use the following method.<br>
Find Las Noches in the middle of HM and talk to Aizen.

[edit] Shinigami

[edit] What does Soul Burial do?

As the name implies, it is used on "Soul" class players and npc. (NPC Souls are found in the Karakura Town graveyard). It causes the Soul to respawn in Soul Society and gives the user a Hell Butterfly as a reward. This cannot be used in Soul Society. <br>(Only player Characters will Spawn In soul society when Soul Buried.)**

[edit] How do I get Shikai?

First of all, this does NOT require any stats. Does not require Zanjutsu, level, or kills. Honestly.
Equip your sword so you can see it in your hand, and attack a lot. (Misses and hits are both counted for Obtaining Shikai.) Not every Shikai is obtained at the same rate, so it might take longer or shorter than previous tries. Eventually you'll get a popup to name your sword. Your Shikai ability is shown in the Stats tab.

[edit] How do I get Bankai?

Like Shikai, this does not require any stats. Does not require Zanjutsu, level, or kills.
Using Shikai abilities also helps further your sword bond. Taking about 3 times longer (on average) to get Shikai, you'll gain the ability to summon your sword's soul. This skill is called Materialization. Defeat your sword enough times and you'll gain Bankai! Also listed in the Stats tab.

[edit] How do I get to Earth and Hueco Mundo?

Go south of the first spawn. You'll see Hitsugaya standing near a small section of wall, talk to him and then move onto the portal once it opens. You'll spawn at the first Earth spawn. To get to Hueco Mundo, you need to go to Urahara, whom is mainly westish of the hospital in the building that resembles his shop from the anime. Urahara will transport ANYONE to Hueco Mundo or Soul Society. Remember, the eastern exit out of Urahara's DOES NOT lead back to the normal Earth map. It leads to Karakura Town.

[edit] How do I learn Kidou?

To get kidou, you'll have to wait for a kidou tutor event to happen. You'll have to pay attention to the event box near the top left. Once a kidou tutor event starts, you'll have five minutes to talk to him/her. Every tutor would spawn at the Shinigami Academy in the right room. The Academy would be to your right when you spawn as a shinigami. Kidou requirements is here.

[edit] Hollow

[edit] How do I absorb hollows?

Kill them by any means. You can Cero them to death and you can punch them to death. Hollow lizards and hollow rats DO NOT count for hollow kills or absorbs.

[edit] Why get Vasto Lorde before turning Arrancar?

It gives you the smallest mask fragment you can get if you go Arrancar as a Vasto Lorde. It also grants you an open Espada rank (if any).

[edit] Arrancar

What are the requirements? ==

SECRET, don't ask.

[edit] How do I get Ressurection / Lanzamieto?

You automatically get the unmastered form of it. Found in the Skills tab as "Ressurectión" and credited elsewhere under the old name "Lanzamieto" (Lanza for short).<br>

[edit] Quincy

[edit] How do I get a new bow?

You get the Sanrei (dark blue) bow after you buy and master a Sanrei glove. To get the Ginrei Kujaku (web) bow, you need to shoot a lot of arrows.&nbsp;It doesn't matters if you shoot it at anything. You cannot get a Kraft while a Quincy. You must become a Raincyr to get one.

[edit] How do I become a human while a Quincy?

Have a Shinigami Buy you a Special Gigai from Urahara Or Break your Sanrei glove and either save and relog or wait until your powers are sealed.&nbsp; This method also works for getting out of Raincyr. Raincyr don't become Human when they die; they become Hollows when you break your Sanrei glove :- P.

[edit] Raincyr

[edit] How do I activate my special bow? (Kraft)

Look at your stats tab. Look at the bottom line, it should say "Kraft: Slug", "Kraft: Covert" or "Kraft: Hunter". If it's Slug or Hunter, click on your Raincyr cross in your inventory to activate it. If it's Covert, go to your skills tab. If you have a Conceal verb, use that to go invisible. If you do not, save and relog and you should get it.

[edit] Where do I get my Kraft?

Hidden somewhere in Hueco Mundo is the Raincyr shop, and it moves randomly throught it. It is does NOT appear in any set location, it is completely random. Each Kraft costs 100,000 Yen.

[edit] Misc

[edit] Why do i keep getting spam killed?

Because your a beginner, people in this game always kill beginners, get a race and train before attacking random people, or before attempting to go next to the big guys. <br>*If this is happening Turn off your PVP Flag.**

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